NGD: 1997 CU22 (First PRS)

Hello, new to the forum and PRS. :)

I bought this ‘97 Custom 22 a week ago and love it!

Semi-hollow with no F hole.

It’s my first PRS, and it’s funny because it’s actually the first PRS I’ve ever played. Loved it and bought it almost immediately.

Plays super well, feels and sounds great. Love the stoptail bridge. Also dig the colour and overall look. Some nice subtle flame to the top, under the “root beer” finish. Super light at 7 lbs. Very responsive and alive-feeling.

Dragon I pickups are killer, too! I'm really enjoying them and the whole guitar in general.

I mostly play rock and my other guitars are an R9 and AV Strat. Amp is a Mesa Electra Dyne head + various Mesa V30 cabs.

I now have a bit of PRS fever and am looking at older McCartys… :cool:


SWEET Congrats , Great looker and the Moons on that one really work !!!!!