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  1. H

    '99 PRS Custom 22 Tremolo Bar

    Greetings to the members of the forum. My name is Haris and this is my first post. I have recently bought a 1999 PRS Custom 22 Tremolo 10-Top. The guitar is awesome but unfortunately the original owner had lost the tremolo bar. Do I need a push-in tremolo bar or a the one that turns like a...
  2. Canadian_PRS

    Mods to Custom 22 questions.

    Hi all, Just curious if anyone has tried the Seymour Duncan Alpha and Omega set in a Custom 22 (as opposed to the usual 24)? I’m considering the swap but wanted to know people’s experiences first. Original pickups are 58/15TM Also, I wanted to change the pickup rings to black. I have looked...
  3. TubeStack

    NGD: 1997 CU22 (First PRS)

    Hello, new to the forum and PRS. :) I bought this ‘97 Custom 22 a week ago and love it! Semi-hollow with no F hole. It’s my first PRS, and it’s funny because it’s actually the first PRS I’ve ever played. Loved it and bought it almost immediately. Plays super well, feels and sounds...
  4. Going Modal

    NuGD (almost a Dragon I)

    1993 Custom 22 (first year of the CU22—hey, it's "only" 30 years old!) 10-top (stamped!) Small signature-logo on headstock Winged tuners (enough said!) Dragon pickups (the original ones) According to PRS's model-history page, the Custom 22 model was "...based on a Dragon Series, without the...
  5. Woggers

    NGD - Awwwww Yeaaaaa

    2003 Custom 22 - Artist Package Flame Maple Artist top Mahogany neck with a Wide-Fat profile East Indian Rosewood Fretboard Paua Bird Inlays Dragon II treble and bass pickups Orange -All original
  6. Patrick Montgomery

    NGD - Custom 22 Brazilian Ltd. Series, #185/500. Holy cow!

    I was able to score this beauty off of Reverb for a killer deal. Sounds and plays great. And just look at that board! I swapped the original speed knobs with lampshades, and plan to use this as my live guitar going forward. I can’t believe the consistency in PRS guitars. I’ve played a ton of...
  7. D

    Mid 00’s Custom 22 or 2013 Paul’s Guitar or 2021 Paul’s Guitar

    Hi All- Seeking advice for a rock and roll guitar. I’ve owned a CU22 in the past and know they are great. I have not shopped PRS since the advent of Paul’s guitar. I have a line on a used 2013 Paul’s guitar, a 2021 Paul’s guitar and a 2005 CU22. If you had to pick one of these, which would you...
  8. K

    Harley Benton is good for PRS

    I’ve been playing strats since I was 15,a sunburst Bullet onto Affinity onto Squier onto USA (several in between) and then onto custom shop, I bought a Harley Benton CST-24 a year ago loved it and it made me want buy a PRS and I did buy one, a PRS custom 22. It is amazing, every inch perfect. So...
  9. D

    Help needed, what PRS guitar is this?

    Hi, I bought a PRS guitar on a whim about 17 years ago, used from a dealer. It has been in its case for the last decade and I’ve forgotten all the details about it other than i used to love to play it! Can anyone help fill me in on the details? I know is a Custom 22 and that’s where it ends...
  10. adamcadamc

    What is this guitar? Custom 22? Special order McCarty Anniversary?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum. Many moons ago when I was in full on band mode I bought this guitar from a Guitar Center on an impulse when my band was on tour. It was in 2005 I think, which makes sense based on the serial number - 5 92874. In any event, might sound dumb, but I never...
  11. Going Modal

    HFS/Vintage Bass vs. 85/15's (vs. 59/09's) in a Custom

    I have two later-model PRS Customs (a 22 and a 24), both of which came with 85/15 squabbin pickups that I did not like [short opinion: too "modern" for me, too sharp of attack]. I quickly outfitted both guitars with 59/09 squabbins instead, which I definitely prefer over the 85/15's in both...
  12. A

    Semi-Weird Question/Seeking Input: S2 594 vs Core CU22

    Hey there! So after having owned one twice, I've grown to realize that I really enjoy playing the S2 594. Between the Pattern Vintage neck and the forearm bezel of the S2 line, it's just a joy to play, and I feel like I've always played more "inspired" when I've had one. Of course, I wound up...
  13. u_suke1975

    This is my first PRS guitar.

    I got my first PRS guitar. This guitar was made from private stock and has a "tree of life" inlay. It's a beautiful guitar and it sounds great. Paul, thanks for the great guitar. I will treasure it.
  14. Yusuke Kishi

    First post

    This is my first post.
  15. P

    Was there ever a Core Custom 22 Semi-Hollow?

    Was there ever a Core Custom 22 Semi-Hollow? It seems like such a thing would have existed once upon a time, but I haven't turned up examples searching online. I prefer 22 frets, Wide Fat necks, and stop tails, and it looks like the only way to come close to that particular guitar in...
  16. danktat

    Some "GOOD" photos (CU22)

    Took Dottie (2007 CU22) outside with my real DSLR to get some pix that actually show her top off properly. Cell phone pix tend to do something like what could be equated to an amp "compressing" the sound of a guitar when it processes photos. This is just my camera, with the kit lens, outside...
  17. danktat

    Rehearsing again

    From last night's MASKED UP----SOCIALLY DISTANCED rehearsal. Fun Stuff. Gives a LITERAL meaning to the term "garage band" It was a bit cold with the doors opened, but SAFETY first :)
  18. danktat

    Electric outdoors

    Noodling out behind the shop with Dottie, and the Blackstar practice amp. The weather is way too nice out here. Too bad I have an appointment coming in within the next half hour. I could stay out here all day. But I do have to stop embarrassing myself trying sing.....LOL. And yes, I do hold my...
  19. danktat

    CU22 (not new but pix)

    I haven't posted any pix of Dottie recently so I figured I would throw a few up. :D Thanks for looking :D
  20. Phillip777

    Prs Custom with uneven neck relief

    Hey guys. About a month ago I bought a used Prs Cu 22 (Core model). In short, the guitar has uneven neck relief, more on the bass side than on the treble side. Difference between low E and High E is about 0.005 or so. I showed the guitar to the luthier, he said that the guitar has a hump at the...