Some "GOOD" photos (CU22)


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Nov 5, 2018
Took Dottie (2007 CU22) outside with my real DSLR to get some pix that actually show her top off properly. Cell phone pix tend to do something like what could be equated to an amp "compressing" the sound of a guitar when it processes photos. This is just my camera, with the kit lens, outside, with overcast skies, with zero editing other than adding the water mark. You can see much more depth in the wood's curl with a real camera. I hope you guys like it.



Thanks for looking.
If you look at the bottom picture, check down near the strap button, about an inch on either side of where the book match meets. . .there are two "knots" or "dots" in the wood's figuring. That is why I named her "Dottie" :cool:
The top and color match perfectly.
Yeah man, when I saw it for sale, the loot just JUMPED out of my pocket! LOL. Couldn't really afford to do it at the time, but it WAS a good deal, and I couldn't help but to go in the hole a bit to get it. I didn't have ANY PRS guitars left at the time I snagged her.
She's a STUNNER!!! That top is ridiculous!!!
I love what it looks like, but when I get pix with my phone it always flattens out the quilt. Loses all the depth in the curl. So, I stopped being lazy and broke out the Cannon. :D