custom 22

  1. B

    Dream Theater Covers on a PRS Custom 22 Sunburst

    Hey lovely people of this forum, I started a Youtube Channel a while back. I Am currently doing DT Solo Covers, while using my PRS Custom 22. I'd love to hear what you think about them. Kind regards Buxtreeman
  2. S

    S2 Custom 22 vs Core Custom 22

    Any noticeable tone differences, neck etc? After getting my Korina 24 (fixed bridge), seriously considering moving to the Cu22 in lieu of my Floyd Superstrat. Also, any noticeable difference in components? Thank you in advance for your input!
  3. tyfu20

    NGD Semi-Hollow

    Just got this new S2 Custom 22 Semi-hollow Faded Blue Smokeburst as a blemished, sounds great. Had the SE version previously which was a very good guitar, but I'm digging the hog neck and 85/15s.
  4. L

    Which Custom 22

    Hi gang , I am new here and have the bug to get a Custom 22. I have found 2 of them...... a 2018 emerald green in mint condition. The prior owner has changed the pickups to the 57/08’s . The other one is a 2016 tiger burst in mint condition too. Both are 2400.00 . Is that a good price ...
  5. danktat

    2007 Custom 22

    Bored at work so I took her outside for a pic. Thanks for looking.
  6. danktat

    Just another pic

    So, my pic addiction is taking over and even though I posted pix of this girl recently, I couldn't help myself. I feel like this was a good choice to get back on the horse. And the band is revving up to get this scratch demo started to push forward with an album. So, hopefully, I'll get to see...
  7. danktat

    NEW GITFIDDLE DAY for me!!!

    NGD FOR ME! Yes, it IS another custom 22 with 10 top. As some of you may know I ran into a financial situation recently that caused me to sell off a couple of guitars. So, I am rebuilding. This seemed like as good a place to start as any. LOL. I just contacted the PRS service department to have...
  8. vami

    DGT, Santana, 513, McCarty RW - What Next?

    Hello fellow Birds & Moons, I am a rather newbie to fantastic PRS world, coming primarily from Les Paul land. Have recently acquired these aforementioned beauties and want to go for next one, I'm in splits about buying a Custom 24 especially so as I have never played owned or seriously...
  9. Utkarsh

    PRS Journey part 1: Custom 22 in Custom Purple

    So on another thread in this forum, someone noted i had lost track of how many PRSs i had. Jokes apart, thats when it hit me that ive hit double digits which is a touch crazy since i only first acquired a PRS five years ago. Also helps that i have never sold a core PRS guitar (which says...
  10. danktat

    VERY short video clip

    I finally got the chance to sit down and tinker around with some settings on the new (to me) POD HD500X. Man, there is a WHOLE lot of stuff to figure out. I have a headache just reading the short intro portion of the manual. I didn't even get into the advanced manual. But in about 10 minutes I...
  11. N

    SE's, S2's, and Custom 22's

    It is around the time for me to buy a new guitar, and I immediately looked to PRS. I just have a couple questions about the Custom 22's. What is the difference between the SE Custom 22 and the S2 Custom 22? I am aiming for a semi-hollow as a nice change, but what are some of the main advantages...
  12. pauloqs

    New wiring day: 5-way rotary to McCarty switching.

    I rewired my CU22 with 5-way rotary to a 3-way toggle with push/pull tone pot, McCarty switching style. I’m super happy with the results. Much easier than I expected. Also, thank you @gush for the clarification regarding the grounding of the pickups not displayed in the wiring diagrams. Here’s...
  13. pauloqs

    2x NGD: Custom 22 & S2 Mira

    Hard tail 2008 Custom 22 made in 2009 in royal blue with a Wide Thin neck, moon inlays and dragon II pickups. Super light weighing 7 lbs 1.3 oz. The finish has most certainly faded over time. I thing the original owner kept it on a stand instead of its case or gig bag. Plays great. Tuners are a...
  14. danktat

    CU22s outdoors

    Finally took these out and got shots with an actual camera instead of just a cell phone. Made a slight Taken on a bright, sunny day...but in the flash....with a Cannon T4i with the kit 18-55 lens. Thanks for looking.
  15. danktat

    NGD! Unboxing vid and pix

    Well, she's here! Here is the unboxing! And a few pix....Sorry about the photo quality. These are from my cell phone right after getting the package here in to work. I'll get better photos later. Thanks for looking. :D
  16. danktat

    Well, I done f***** up......

    I just dropped payment on this 2001 CU22. All stock except the truss rod cover. 10 top. "Excellent" condition. The deal was too good. I could have paid more for an S2 after negotiations were all done. This will officially be the least expensive PRS I have ever owned. That should take care of my...
  17. danktat

    Outdoor Photos

    Yes, this guitar I was bored so I went outside, with a real DSLR and a backdrop of dying ivy for a few photos. Wood grain and abalone look much better in natural light anyway ;) 2004 CU22 limited run Brazilian And a few booty shots..... Thanks for...
  18. danktat

    Random Top Shot

    I usually like a girl's top to be off. But this Brazilian girl is a 10 with her top on. (Only a PRS nerd will understand... lol) Hat is from my luthier at J Guitars. Got bored so I took a cell phone shot....just because.
  19. danktat

    Brazilian Girl (pix)

    Sometimes, there is no more beautiful a girl than a Brazilian. :-D I am sorry I don't have much of a variety of PRSs to post, but here is what I got. Hope you don't get bored seeing her. Thanks for looking.
  20. krugerj

    Blocking a PRS tremolo... need advice

    Hey guys, I have been having some serious troubles with the trem system in my Custom 22, so I decided to just block the thing off. I blocked with a little piece of wood sanded down to fit in the cavity (as seen in the photo below). Now that I have the block in though, there is an angle to the...