Was there ever a Core Custom 22 Semi-Hollow?

Peregrine Falcon

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May 23, 2021
Was there ever a Core Custom 22 Semi-Hollow?
It seems like such a thing would have existed once upon a time, but I haven't turned up examples searching online.
I prefer 22 frets, Wide Fat necks, and stop tails, and it looks like the only way to come close to that particular guitar in semi-hollow is a wood library (although those look to be trems, and $$$$) or a Special Semi-hollow (also $$$$ and mostly pattern necks).
Looks like I might need to compromise on one of my parameters, huh??? I have an S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow, which I was going to sell, but maybe I will upgrade the pickups instead.
There have been runs and 1-offs of semi-hollow CU22s done over the years without f holes. They are not terribly common so not easy to find.
FWIW, the 22 SSH is glorious. Sure, they have a trem and pattern neck vs stoptail and wide fat, but they also have what I believe to be better pickups, more versatility (with the narrow field plus the switching capability), are available brand new, etc.
In the early to mid nineties, the Artist II and Artist III models had semi hollow as an option. Necks on the Artist II were wide fat, and either wide fat or wide thin on the Artist III.
This is an Artist III semi hollow

I had a Core CU22 Semi-hollow with an F-hole around 2011 or so. Great guitar. Mine was charcoal burst.

I'll try to dig up a pic of it.
The Special Semi hollow has a Pattern neck , same spec as the wide fat - I have both and can't tell the difference.
In terms of the Wide Fat vs Pattern conversation: I really feel the difference. I have a 2001 McCarty Soapbar with Wide Fat, and it feels much meatier than my 2019 CU22 (which I am actually selling because I like Wide Fat necks so much more than Pattern necks). I have seen several people post comments that they can't tell the difference, so I guess I must be picky (pun intended).
markd21 i may have your old guitar. it's a 2000 model.

i'd love to find another with a trem and a w/f neck.