NGD…got my first WOOD LIBRARY!!

So I walk into my local Kalamazoo GC today. Not really looking for anything in particular.

They had bought in 2 beautiful wood library PRS guitars around 3 months ago. A DGT and a Tremonti. The Tremonti sold last week. I had played the DGT a few times. It was VERY NICE!! And a nice price tag!!! I played it again today….The manager and I are good friends and I asked him to give me the BEST PRICE POSSIBLE on that DGT.

I ended up going home with it. Lol. It was still not cheap but way under new price!! I was walking out the door thinking “what the f*** did I just do?”

Not a scratch. Not a ding. No polish swirls. Brazilian board. Black Paisley case. Insane 11top. Sick flamed medium D neck. Bone stock. No mods. Just an incredible playing PRS!!!

…and yes, I did change the knobs.

@brentrocks . Just curious. do you find the bridge pickup to be very bright?