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Oct 20, 2023
I am new to this group (obviously) and do not have a lot of experience with forums.
I have two PRS guitars, an S3 semi-hollow body that i enjoy and a vintage S2 (circa 1986?) that i recently picked up. My son is drooling over the S2, but so far i have been able to fend him off. :p
Is there a way to accurately date one using the serial number or a site that list the numbers by year? The SN on mine begins with a '7' and a space then 29xx.
Hey ChasR, welcome to the forum. Pictures would help to answer your questions. I can assure you that S2 line did not exist in 1986. As for using serial numbers to identify, I can not point you to the lists (or the Modcat decoder), but there is stuff online, try doing a search on the internet. For the "core" guitar line, the year is usually on the left side of the back of the headstock top edge with the s/n being in the center along the top edge of the back of the headstock. I am uncertain on the S2 and SE lines.
MW, thank you for that information. i mis-identified the guitar, it is a Standard 24. I received a reply from PRS and it was produced in 1987.
it's in pretty good condition, a few 'buckle scrapes' on the back, no dings in the finish, rosewood fretboard. I am curious about the value, hoping
I didn't overpay.

Standards are great guitars. Enjoy that.

Interested in more info on the S3.

Pictures are always welcome but this forum makes it a real PITA!