NEW Forum Truss Rod Cover Design Contest

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Veinbuster, thanks for the update, I'm aware of final decision process. It seems we've seen some amazing ideas/creations/designs,
and perhaps there are other folks who have ideas as well, But at some point, we potentially could have too many ideas to choose
from. Yes Boogie, I agree, sharing is good, no doubt about it. I would like to share the ideas/designs that the good folks have
provided us, on my PRS Guitars, especially the ones with BLANK TRC'S.
I agree that there are a lot to choose from. I've assumed someone will go through the thread a put up half a dozen or so that resonated with a good number of people, and that are doable and don't include anything PRS isn't comfortable with. There hasn't been anything added for a while so that could probably be done any time now.
C'mon guys! Post your designs in the other thread! I love what is there, but more options is always better! I'd post my ideas, but, oh yeah, I have none. I have the imagination of a rock. Wait, that is insulting to rocks...
Some more designs... Not sure the limitations on the etching and if you can have different shades and tones but I'll throw it up anyway and maybe Shawn can let me know on the paisley background...

Is it possible to buy a truss rod cover similar to this, containing the PRS script logo, for my PRS SE Custom 24? And if so where can I purchase one online?
I like the center the best but the first would match me CE.
Not open for further replies.