Truss Rod Cover infatuation!


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Sep 2, 2023
Just a quick fun question that interests me, to see what people’s thought are?
I’ve been playing guitar well over 35 years, and I’m lucky enough to have a core custom 22, owned over 20 years, a USA silver sky, a SE hollow body Piezo and a SE swamp ash special.
My question is, The truss rod covers, that come as standard on the SE silver sky looks just like a standard cover on most Prs`s , why do people feel the need to swap it out to make it look like the USA version?
I personally found it funny but indifferent when Prs changed it in the first place!
Just remember what Blackadder said about it not being the size of your tree, but where you stick it.

(Cue more smut from Alan, haha)

I believe the infatuation is for more than just TRCs. It is the total look of the package (I know, TWSS)! One of the attractions to many players is the beauty of the products PRS produces. To make it a bit more beautiful (in your eyes) for a low amount of money is almost a no brainer for many! Hell, there are even people who will turn their guitars into fashion statement pieces and leave the rod exposed ;~))

I have changed the TRC and tuner buttons on two of my 3 PRSi. I have changed the knobs on all three of them. All in the name of it being a more pleasing piece of art for me, and I am what counts ;~)) Here are my upgrade shots.

Custom tuner buttons and TRC on L and C, R is stock

Ebony knobs on L and C, Ebony pup rings on L, gold/green sparkle knobs on R

Custom cover plates

Some like to make their guitars "their own" by doing some customizations ;~)) Call it infatuation if you will!
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