Minor Vela surgery day


Bluebeard Member
Nov 12, 2012
So, since my Vela is a 2019, it doesn't have the new US electronics. The 3-way switches they had been using are, in fact, crap - I've had issues with them on all 4 of the Velas I've owned. The other 3 would go a good while before starting to get staticky, and not reliably engaging the neck pickup, but a good squirt of contact cleaner would take care of it for a month or 2. My current Vela, however, was requiring at least a squirt a week, if it even made it that long.

I went to my local GC, because they actually have a good tech there - Frank does nice work, and I trust him with electronics. Unfortunately, they were out of switches. So, I ordered one from Amazon. Amazon shipped quickly as always, but I received a saxophone mouthpiece with a barcode that said it was a switchcraft switch. It went back to Amazon, and I ordered a switch from GC online, which took a little longer, but hey, it arrived ant it is, in fact, a switch.

Stopped back into GC today and Frank installed it while I waited, because he's awesome like that. Came home, put on new strings, and behold! I can reliably switch to my neck pickup :).

Since every post should have a pic of a guitar:

Will straight Switchcraft toggle fit, or do you need to use the 90-degree type like they put in SGs and Firebirds.
Congrats on the new switch. I would probably have ordered all PRS US components and swapped it all out while it was apart. You are welcome for the idea being planted in your head now. :)

I had that idea already, but the pots work fine for me, so I don't see a reason - they've got good taper and they're not noisy. I have considered, and still might at some point, replacing the push/pull tone knob with a regular pot and adding a mini toggle for the coil tap.
Great looking Vela, Aahzz, glad you got the toggle sorted and that the pots are behaving themselves.

I chuckled when I read that Amazon sent you a saxophone mouthpiece instead of the Switchcraft. Reminded me of when I ordered a pack of printer ink cartridges. Upon opening the box, all I discovered within were the air pillows used for cushioning. Sometimes you wonder, who's minding the store?