Looking for a big neck and frets and fat tone to replace SE HB2

I agree with this. I would also say that if you can get the guitar in your hands before buying it to do that. I say that because the older wide fat necks had some variation in them. I have two from 2006 that have the chunkiest wide fat necks I have felt on a PRS guitar. One is a Custom 22 and the other is a swamp ash special. The ones I have are thicker than my 594 and DGT. They are enough thicker that it is very noticeable to me when I first pick them up. I then quickly adjust and play on but those are two of my collection that I actually notice the difference as soon as I grab the guitar.
Ok- so this is the 594 that is not a singlecut, right?
Have a regular McCarty and bought a 594 S2 just for the hell of it. Now 5 594's later (2 S2's and 3 Core), I sold my LP 59 & 60 Reissues and my SG (60's neck). The 594 is the most comfortable neck for me. I have big hands, but not long fingers. Thin necks make me cramp up.
I just went from an SE HBII to a 594 HBII. Really digging the pattern vintage neck on it.