Let’s see your PRS family Photos!


Not sure if I've posted this before. But this is two of the family out earning their keep.
Only one I have, 2009 Sunburst 22 from the '09 Experience Show. PF09 hand-rubbed nitro, early run of 5708's. Only electric I need. :)

Thanks for the help, Alnus!
That is a great looking finish, congrats!
And welcome to the forum!
I personally think you're mistaken, but if you've only got one, it's hard to choose better than that one! :p:D

Hahaha, agreed! :) I had a '75 Les Paul Black Beauty back in 1977...it was murder on my collar bone at 11 lbs. Then, I found a Strat in the early 80's and loved the contours, but was lost for a bit without the tune-o-matic. I've played a lot of acoustics over the past 30 years and then finally a worship band startup at church brought be back to electric again. A very good friend made me an amazing trade for this one. (Traded an Ernie Ball Axis SuperSport and an amp I custom built for it...no regrets.) That fat/wide neck makes this the best playing electric I've ever owned. Actually, I did own an SE Santana 5-6 years back and thought if the Korean guitars are made that well...what's the full USA models like???

That is a great looking finish, congrats!
And welcome to the forum!

Yes, it is! It has glossed a little on the lower side of the strings from playing. But, I attribute that to REAL relic'ing! :)
Thanks for the welcome!
Looks like corona virus can affect your mind even if you don't catch it.

As we all know the last year has been a real P.I.T.A for most people. As a guitar tech here in the UK my business has been severly impacted over the course of the pandemic. I work from from home (My wife has cancer) and with no extra money coming in, I had to cull my guitar collection just to stay afloat.

During the cull I sold off so many guitars I lost track of what I'd sold (73 in 8 months). Yesterday my son was reading some of the forum postings and told me I'd got my posting wrong. He reminided me that I had loaned my S2 Vela to a friend (who due to severe medical issues) is in isolation. I emailed said friend and he joked "I was wondering when you'd ask for it back" I have told him that he can keep it until the current situation is over?

May I present my 2016 S2 Vela
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So sorry about your circumstances, Fullmoon. Ok...I was a bit stunned at 73 guitars...??? Yeah, I can see losing track! That Vela is AWESOME! Reminds me of the old 60's Teisco Del Ray "Sharkfin" I bought for $20 US back in 1973. Just has that same vibe. I typically don't tend to like the sharp top cut of the S2, but this one (and a black-on-black Vela I've seen) are really amazing.
Over the last 15 years I've owned in excess of 250 guitars. some were just bought for quick turnaround bu over on my flickr page I 242 of them listed. I'm currently building a new Flickr collection with better quality pictures as my old computer crashed and I can't remember the password for the old site also don't the same phone oanymore.

heres a link to my older flickr albums collection (including 156 previously owned guitars)
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