It's Not Unusual...


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Apr 29, 2012
I am going to post the pic below (already posted as a "favorite today") and ask if anyone has or has seen another one like this. It's a 1992 CU24, I have had it for a few weeks now.

I am trying to determine the "unusual-ness" (not "rarity" as per Hans' lexicon) of this. I have scoured the interweb and have not seen a picture of any one exactly like it - a few wraparound bursts, but only with a flame, not quilt, top. So I can only assume that this is somewhat unusual at least.


Tom Jones references are of course on the table as well...
I HAVE seen those, but few and far between. I think it falls into the unusual category definitely, and I would even say 'rare'... going by Hans' standard; I have seen fewer Banana Yellows, but more Bonni Pinks... it is possible that it is just that I haven't seen them, but...