It's 513 day once again, 5/13/2013...

Dancing Frog

Senior 513 Whore
Apr 28, 2012
Odenton, Md
Time to search the back of those closets and bring out those 513's....Perhaps this year, the woodpusher will bring me another special one. I am interested in seeing how they have changed over the 9 years they've been around.
This one will be whatever comes off the line today, if any, so it would be a 513 with the birthdate of 5/13/2013. I do have my eye on a Private Stock though. That one over at Wild West with a maple neck, cocobolo fretboard, and a maple capped black walnut body. It sounded pretty interesting in the video, and the back looks killer. The front is kind of blah with almost invisible 14kt gold hollow birds and a McCarty burst, but it probably looks much better in person.

I am still thinking about doing the 513 take on an early CE-24(maple capped alder body) with a flamed maple neck and a rosewood fretboard. The black walnut has got me thinking again.
Ah I getcha! Good luck with the search!

The Alder body idea sounds like it would be killer. I've been keeping an eye out for an early CE to see what all the fuss is about. Hmm now you've got me thinking about an Alder bodied PS with triple narrow 408s!
I always love seeing your stash of 513's. Cool to hear you're giving more thought to project "phoenix" again.