Fixed Bridge


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Dec 12, 2018
Maybe Im just a minority but I sure wish more fixed bridge options were available, like with the SE Custom Zebrawood and the american made custom 24. I remember the Tim Mahoney SE model a few years ago, I guess it didnt sell well.

In any case Im throwing my vote in for more fixed bridge options.
About half my PRSi are stoptails so I guess I like them too. I like the feel and hand position of the trem but seldom use it as a vibrato. I like the stoptail for bending. You don't have to bend as far to get up to pitch.
Yeah I'm sad about the lack of stoptails and fatter necks in the SE line these days.

24 frets and stoptail has been a rare combo for a long, long time, though. At least you can block a trem if you never use it.
I have 3 stoptail/hardtail PRS 24s. One is a Private Stock semi hollow with an adjustable stoptail, the second is a PTC modded KL1812, and the 3rd is a Holcomb Core. I'm in your boat, I think PRS needs more stoptail 24s. I've never been a trem fan because I do too much that has wacky tunings.
I agreed! Popular models are the 245, Bernie, Zack, and Chris Robertson so you would think they would have more options??? I am currently on the lookout for a good deal on a custom 22 in great condition with the stoptail.
Has there been a change in the bridge on the SE standard 245? I noticed 2 different listings online today for 2018 models with the adjustable bridge like the CR & ZM. Both were listed as brand new.
I prefer the stopbar myself. Even better, several of my guitars have the string thru body design (not PRSs). The only trems I keep unblocked are my Strats. But that is because if I want to play Hendrix or SRV then they use it to get some of the sounds they make. Other trems I have blocked.
I spoke with a local licensed dealer and he said they have made some improvements to the SE line and he has 4 - 245’s with the wrap around adjustable bridge on them. 2 - whale blue flame tops, a standard vintage cherry, and a standard tobacco all from Indonesia.