Fast Fret OK?

I just use it on the strings themselves, have used it pretty much since it hit the market, and have never had an adverse effect from it. I’ve never used it on the finish side of the neck. A good wipe-down with a clean cloth works best for me on the non-fret side.
Ditto. I've used it, off and on, since the 80s. Never had a problem with it.
I am not a huge fan of FF but have used it occasionally for many years. I typically use it on the strings when playing in hot high humidity situations where my hands are sticking and slowing me down. I have also run one swipe down the back of the neck in extreme situations and haven't had any issues. I wipe the guitar down after the gig to make sure I get it back off, as much as a wipe down can. I have never had any issues with any of my guitar finishes due to it. I have used it on various finishes too.

One thing I do is take a good fan to all gigs. I try to keep my hands in the breeze to keep them dry. This helps me avoid using FF for the most part. Some outside gigs here in FL are just hard to avoid it, especially during the summer. It is kind of a last resort for me. I don't like the feel of it but sometimes need it to keep from sticking to things.
I have a similar experience to Bodia. Originally Fast Fret had silicone in it's formulation but these days it is just scented mineral oil (which is fret board safe) in a convenient package. You can over-oil a fretboard but it is highly unlikely do do so if you are using Fast Fret.
Well, here is a "yang" review. I absolutely HATE this stuff. I tried to (did) use it for years. What I started noticing is that once you use it, it doesn't matter if you have the strings on for a year, they feel greasy, they are slick, and while they feel "slick" they have a different sound (sort of a squeak) to them when sliding up and down a string.

I DO NOT like the feel of the strings once it has been applied, but worse, notice strings slipping out from under my fingers on bends. I could go on, but don't need too. Like I said, I DID use it for a couple years, convinced by others that it was a positive thing and that I needed too. Boy, when the stick is brand new, BE CAREFUL! If you "coat them good" the first time, IMO they are completely ruined. ONLY a very light coat of this stuff is even tolerable to me, and even that is worse than not using it.

What I've started using instead and it is a complete game changer for making your strings last many times longer without making them feel like you coated them with grease, is a Connoisseurs Silver Polishing Cloth. This thing is the best thing ever for strings. Use it when you put them on (you won't believe how much oxidation and crap comes off brand new strings!) and then a quick use after every few playings. I've had strings last WAY longer than you'd believe and still be shiny silver and still sound great.

To each his own. Like what you like. No right or wrong, blah blah blah. But I can't stand Fast Fret and this is an absolute GODSEND for guitar strings! Just do exactly what it says, each side has specific purpose.

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Fast Fret is weird. I have a stick of it once again, and I’ve bought it maybe 3-4 times in my life, mostly out of boredom and curiosity. And each time I have the exact same experience - it does nothing. I apply it on the strings and notice zero difference - except for the smell. It stinks up my strings and does absolutely nothing else. The strings feel the same. I’m sure it’s a hoax.
I only used Fast Fret once and way to many years ago to remember why I don't like it. As far as string maintenance go I like to treat the strings with Blue Dunlop formula 65 before I install them and drying them with a cloth before I string my guitar. I do that for ages