Electric Hot Chocolate Lovefest: The P22 Ebeneeeeeezer at The Wild West !!!!

Discussion in 'Authorized PRS Dealers' started by WildWestGuitars, Sep 3, 2013.

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    Greetings From The Dusty Plains of The Wild West! Powerhouse PRS Private Stock Macassar Ebony P22 Magic Abounds as August Heat gives way to a musky, dusky September at The Wild Westie; The PRS Experience on the rock n' roll horizon, fewer than three weeks away, hurtling into our collective six-string consciousness like a molten-metal meteor (in the night)!!!! Enter the Fray, m'maaaaan, and catch a viral glimpse of The Ebeneeeeezer P22 Powerhouse, the electric-hot-chocolate-streaked six-string sweetheart who will absolutely blow your tonal mind!!!! Abalone-outlined-Spalted Maple-core birds fly victoriously across a Macassar Ebony fretboard of ultimate Private Stock proportions. 5310's and a Pattern Reggie neck mean you're riding figured-mahogany neck magic all night long, pardner! The P22 Private Stock Ebeneeeeezer. The Wild West. And YOU, Brohammer !!!!! Tonal freeeking ecstasy: Keep bangin'it!!!!

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