DGT Weight?


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Apr 28, 2012
What is the weight of your DGT?

What is your Ideal weight for DGT?

Anyone own more than 1 DGT notice any difference in tone due to weight difference?

I have a 2009 that's 8 lbs, my friend has a 2008 that's right at 9 lbs. Mine has a more pronounced bump in the mids, the heavier one is a little more bass heavy, though they're very very very similar. Is it the weight? Could be... Too many factors. My pickups read higher in resistance, I have a stain where he has a goldtop, those might also be factors... Very difficult to say.
I believe it was either Brandon or Eric at Willcutts who told me he likes DGT's on the heavier side, they've got to be at least 8+ lbs.
My 2011 DGT Goldtop weighs in at 7.5lbs. It sounds great and feels great for multiple set shows.