DGT Strings


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Apr 7, 2023
Olympia, WA
Since I'm in the market, considering the the DGT, I noticed the DGT ships with 11's which it got me wondering:

How many DGT owners here have stuck with the 11's?

I'm usually a 10's guy, but considering 9's since watching Rick Beato's "Does Size Matter?" video...

Anyway, throwing it out there as a distraction from surfing all the PRS Signature Dealer websites, which I'll return to after dinner :D

Thanks again!

11s on the DGT feel like 10s on my other guitars. I don't know if it's the frets or what, but they just feel lighter.

It's the scale, and the fact that the bridge is floating.

I use 11's on my DGT (25") and Bigsby'ed Gretsch (24.75"), I use 10's on my strat and tele (25.5", and the tele of course has no tremolo)
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