Can't find PRS "old" black speed knobs


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Sep 3, 2022
Sup guys, i'm new in the forum. Been playing PRS for a couple of years, currently my favorite brand.

I recently bought a early 90 standard 24, love that guitar. The guitar is stock, but both knobs are in rough shape, so i'd love to replace them with similar ones (black speed knobs). The thing is... i cant find em anywhere! It seems PRS official store only offers the lampshade ones.

Are Gibson speed knobs similar to the ones PRS used in the late 80s and early 90s? Should i get those and call it a day?

Anyway, thanks, i appreciate.
Yeah, the Gibson ones will work, I forget when they changed to the ones without “all” the lines between the numbers. May have been 92-93?

I dunno though.. lampshades are pretty dope, and nobody is gonna complain about them.

Congrats and welcome too!

Yeah man, lampshades are great, i do have a 594 with those, but i wanted to keep the the 90 with all the "period correct" parts.

I imagined PRS used the same as Gibson before they started making their own, right?