Anybody have favorite guitars that arent PRS?

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Love, love the mini hums! Besides the price, that's the main reason I bought my HP.
And do you know for the longest time I wasn't satisfied with the tone on this? Loved the feel of it and playing it but it just always sounded a little thin. Over the 1 1/2 year that I've had it I don't know if my constantly adjusting settings has improved it or if I just have come to like its tone more. I talked about changing out the minis but I'm glad I didn't. I love it now.
You couldn’t pay me to play a non-PRS electric guitar.

You could pay me all you want! :D (as long as I get to pick the guitar. I'd gladly play my Wolfie, JP12 or 79 Ibanez Artist for money!)
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I've been tempted to sell my 06 Gibson Les Paul G0 to fund a 594 but it's just too good of a guitar to let go. I'll just save up for the 594 instead and keep both!

Yes its a cool story, After years of bugging I got my dad ( a commercial artist retired ) to paint it for me. he collects models and paintings of Spitfire airplanes.
Its the only reason my collection will never be 100% PRS
Heres the back !!
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Dude!!!! Thats super cool, looks more like it should be in a display case than on a stand
The OP was not specific. Electric? Yes I am all PRS. Acoustic? I have three Taylors. PRS does not have a Core Acoustic line. So I am off the hook.
PRS are my hands down favorite, and my collection shows that by being skewed heavily to the stevensville company.

Awe and feel wise my PRS guitars are my top dogs. Tone wise they seem to me refined and “classical”, as in classical orchestral, if that makes any sense. No other brand takes my breath away like when I pick up my African Blackwood necked McCarty, for example. The tri-sensory magic of tone looks and feel is unique to PRS.

At the same time, for my non PRS I have to comatose not to recognise the tonal magic that currently reside in the Gibson Reissue guitars. I don’t even have to plug them in. Just fret a note on the B or G strings, and pluck acoustically. I have trouble believing that is a steel string and not a wood string. In fact the woody tone is so overpowering that I’d consider before using one on a modern rock or metal solo. They can tilt a whitesnake vibe to AC/DC. In a way these guitars can be kinda bracketed in their tone.
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The question could be taken in one of two ways.
1. How many of us have a non-PRS guitar as our #1?
2. What is your favorite non-PRS guitar (does not push PRS from the #1 spot)?

For #1. No I don't have one.
For #2 2004 Heritage H150 (think 59 Les Paul).

The question not asked:

What is your favorite instrument that isn't a guitar?

Answer: CBG tuned to open G
I've been tempted to sell my 06 Gibson Les Paul G0 to fund a 594 but it's just too good of a guitar to let go. I'll just save up for the 594 instead and keep both!

That looks like a keeper, a double cream, I guess that means you put a Dimarzio in there? It also looks like perhaps you did a refret? It appears you have very nice playing area on the frets before the nibs cause problems, looks extremely nice.
my PRS 594 is tied with my LP HP 2016, which has a ding in the neck, they keep switching number one and number two number one number two they each have an attributeThat makes them preferable for certain tonal paradigms. the major difference is the titanium saddles versus the brass saddles, and the LP has some of the deepest satisfying power chords, Of any guitar I have played, It has that Les Paul grunt, the 594 approaches it (95%) but doesn't quite get there. the 594 middle and neck positions are better Clarity more range and more soul. it's very satisfying to have two guitars that are similar and yet offer extended sonic joy. my particular one LP from 2016, is fantastic quality I feel like I got lucky. I think 2016 was one of their peak performance years. I really enjoy extra fret Playing area, No nibs and the wider neck. The the high-performance heel cut, Makes playing at the dusty end super easy.
they rotate first place And second place week to week.
My favorite guitar is fer sure a PRS, just don't ask me to decide which one of them it is!

Favorite non-PRS guitar: Thorn G/T w/ stapletop pickups and 2Tek bridge. Rings like a bell, and the harder you beat it, the more it loves you:

Pretty much a tossup between a cherry red Thorn Grantura and a Brondel and Thornton Nowcaster.
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