Any Thoughts. Just Curious!!!

Alan Manning

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Dec 6, 2015
Ramsgate Kent UK
A few wks ago I was going through a few guitars I had stored away and I had'nt played for as long as I could remember.
one of these was the original Se Soapbar I bought back In the early 2000's ( my entry Into Prs).
I dusted It down, new strings and a setup and I can't get over how good It plays and sounds. This Is definitely not some sort of placebo ( I have enough Prs's to compare It with so It gave me an Itch to scratch.
I have probably seen all the Official reviews archive and others but never on this particular model. I'm not talking Se one or standard. could it possibly be anything to do with the law suit thing or am I just going a bit ga'ga. So the question is my friends. Any Thoughts!!!
Sure, most of the MIK built guitars are of the highest quality and play look and sound past their price point. Very rarely do you hear of qc issues and this is across all brands that I’ve run into (Hamer, Ibanez, Brian Moore etc) and of course PRS. I own three Singlecut mik PRS and they are all spot on though I do change out pickups mainly because I’m a tinkerer. I’m not and may never be sold on Indonesian or Chinese built guitars sure they look stunning but it’s the qc and feel I’m looking for. I’m pretty sure with the latest offerings from all manufacturers this will not be a popular opinion but none the same it’s been my experience so far.
If you like it then it's good. Don't over- analyze it. Just enjoy it!

There are various things you pay for when you get a core instead of an SE. One, for example, is a thick carved maple top instead of a veneer. To me, that's worth a lot. You also get better treatment on the frets and fret ends, slightly better craftsmanship and materials in the hardware, and a more skilled and patient luthier gluing the neck joint, among many other things.

All these things are nice, but nothing is stopping an SE from being a fantastic guitar anyway. If it makes you happy to play, none of those little fussy things matter very much.
My dear friends. I believe the moral of the story is lost in txt. The moral being why I can't find an official review of this particular model !!!!!!!!
It's a cool guitar, regardless, and you're enjoying it. What's not to like?

Someone else's review isn't going to change how it sounds in your hands, with your gear, etc. As a player, you're the ultimate reviewer, and your opinion is as legit as anyone else's.

So what the heck, write a review! :)
Mine's an updated model, 2015 SE245 Soapie. Killer guitar. Like @Lewguitar's has an upgraded pickup, in my case a Duncan stacked in the bridge.