Another Day, Another Great Role


Too Many Notes
Apr 26, 2012
The Chicago area cast of Billy Eliot, with music by Elton John, has been announced, and my granddaughter Omi has one of the kid lead roles. As I mentioned last week, she has one of the leads in Shrek, the Musical during Christmas week. As you might imagine, the music in Billy Eliot is terrific.

I think this will be her seventh professional musical theater role, and she just turned 12! :oops:

I apologize for going on and on about my fam's musical performances, but heck. This is what a grandfather oughta do! I love music, I love my kiddies.

Big kudos as always!

Must be one of the great things about being a grandparent, sharing in the accomplishment of the grandkids while the parents (probably) did most of the work raising them. Or viewed another way it's that kids are just a gift that keeps on giving.