Advice needed: s2 10th anniversary pickup issue


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Jan 16, 2024
I recently bought the s2 10th anniversary issue, but I've been having trouble with string buzz on the low E right from the start. I found an excellent tech here in Nottingham, and he had a look at it today. At first he couldn't work out the problem, but then he applied some science: he replaced the bottom E with an acoustic string temporarily, and the buzzing stopped. He surmised from this that it was actually one of the pickups (neck, I believe he said) that was set too high, and pulling on the string. Unfortunately, the pickup was already as low as it would go in the ring, so there was no room for adjustment. He set the guitar up as best he could to eliminate most of the string buzz, but that does mean having a higher action.

All he could suggest was that I get a new set of pickup rings, and he could put the new bridge ring on the neck pickup, which would allow more room for adjustment.

So questions:

Which pickup rings would I need to purchase to make this happen? (Cream straight, Cream slanted, something else?)

Is this a warranty issue I should be writing to PRS about? (I suspect yes).
Sorry to hear. If this is not used, definitely a warranty issue. I have the S2 10th anniversary 594 and no issues on my end. Good luck.