57/08 Narrowfields. Is it terminal?

Wait, they're canning the studio!? :( That makes my choice even harder for the artist package guitar I am ordering once I gather the cash...

I love the NF'S, but not only am I just a dual bucker kind of guy(primarily a metal player), I already have strat, and P90 tones covered. I feel that I would miss the full humbucker tones if the studio were my main player, which is the role the AP will be filling. I will likely go with the Cu22 AP, then pick up a studio or NF3 used.
Well, I have been a dyed in the wool fender stratocaster guy for 25 years and I just got the SAS narrowfields and it's my favorite all time guitar. Now I'm selling at least 4 of my guitars in ebay in the next couple of weeks because they are no longer wanted or needed. The NF's do everything that I want and sound like magic to my ears. I'm SO glad I bought that sas!
I've never tried a guitar with the Narrowfields, although I'd like to. I'd like to track down one of the Modern Eagle Limiteds at some point and give it a whirl.
Hello all....

I recently picked up a 25th Ann SAS-NF....

I started looking at all the models offered for the 25th Ann. I wanted something from that series to celebrate the Silver Anniversary.

To be honest...none of the models really appealed to me. They all just kinda looked like something PRS had already done...blah blah blah...you get the point.

But then, I noticed the SAS and my thought was "maple fretboard? They NEVER put out maple"....and it got me to thinking, of all the 25th models, the SAS was the "weird bird" that, in 10 years, everyone will be kicking themselves for not getting.

My thinking was pretty selfish, only thinking of an investment piece.

So, I researched the SAS a bit, and found a black one for $1700 new.

When I bought it, I was pretty "ho hum" about it. To be honest, I didn't even play it in the store. I just wanted to be sure it was "mint".

I got it home, and I figured "why not give it a try"....




I cannot agree more with some of the comments here!!!

This guitar does it all!!!

I decided to fiddle with the tones and try and get a good Strat sound--and I got it...and a whole lot more!!!

Most guitars get referred to as "she"....but I named the SAS "David"....in tribute to three Dave's and their Strats....David Gilmour, David Evans (AKA The Edge) and David Murray of Iron Maiden...

This SAS has shown me one guitar can cover all those genres, and whatever else I try with it.

I'm a believer and in a way...I'd be fine with the NF's disappearing---I have my secret weapon!!!

I now baby this guitar...because I likely won't find another one!!!

If you haven't had a chance to try the NF's---please do. You'll be pleasantly surprised!

Great thread!!!

New owner of a NOS 25th Anniv McCarty NF as of last Saturday, and I can't wait to gig with it.
wow zombie thread...

I gave Dane's favorite guitar a workout tonight. I love those NFs!!
I have two 25th Anniversary SAS Narrowfields, and they are indeed great guitars. I really like the neck pickup tones. The bridge and middle combination is also very nice.
Interesting this thread got necro-bumped as it does indeed look like the Narrowfields are all but history... the NF3 and the Studio both were discontinued a couple weeks ago in the NAMM model refresh.
I just looked back at my previous post and my hunch about them being discontinued turned out to be correct. It looks like PRS kind of streamlined the lineup this year. With the 408's, Paul's guitar and Brent Mason I think you can cop the Narrowfield thing. That said, over the past couple of months I had the chance to play an NF3 and it was a REALLY cool guitar. The DC3, NF3 and 305 were all pretty simple, straightforward PRS's. You never know.....we might see some form of these again in the S2 line.
Sad to see 'em go, but I guess PRS finally found their own pickup thang in the 408s.

I thought the McCarty NF's looked pretty weird, but thought the pickups were a cool idea. The first time I looked at 'em in person I thought I wanted a hum-sing-sing configuration, so when the Studio was announced, I snapped one up and I love it!

Picked up this NF3 two months ago brand new for $1650 shipped to my door.
Already have seen that the prices on leftover new ones have gone up in those two months.
Glad I got mine!
Absolutley love the mojo of this guitar.
The neck and pickups are ridiculous.
Sorry to be digging up an old thread but I'm just so happy I'm not the only one who's in love with these PUs. :)


The McCarty NF is probably the best guitar I've ever owned. I hope my bank account is in good shape should I happen to stumble upon a used one sometime in the future...

... or that gorgeous ME III.
Narrowfeilds in my new Studio have saved me, they give me those tones i need for a Strat/Tele sound i have ever wanted but without the shrill mids and trashy highs and little to no lows that my Strat pumped out. The NFs are the perfect balance for my sound, they have great clear lows, defined mids and a articulate high end to my ear, like hum bucker but not a hum bucker, like a single but not a single, the best of both worlds without a P90 being in the mid ground area.

Great guitar to have when i need a different voice, and a different use to my Tremonto or Les Paul. Considering i was looking at a 408 for similar usage, but was sold on the Studios videos online.

Im thinking any of the NF equipped guitars will be sought after in 20-25 years time.