core models

  1. AragonWingfoot

    509s need love!

    A couple weeks ago a year or two of looking I picked up my first PRS, a beautiful Charcoal Burst 509. It’s just a fantastic guitar that tonality wise, achieves almost all classic tones in its own beautiful way. It’s a fantastic way to cover almost endless tonal territory without sacrificing a...
  2. pauloqs

    Core neck profiles

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like among the Core models currently in regular production, only the Custom 24 and the Tremoti are available with pattern thin necks. What I've found was that Custom 24 (including 24 Piezo & 24-08): Pattern Regular or Pattern Thin Custom 24 Floyd: Pattern...
  3. C

    Core Custom appearance

    Anyone know why some of the CU22 or CU24 guitars have this white line where the maple cap meets to body, while others have the back color uniformely up to the maple cap? Does this come on a certain package? At first I thought the line was absent on 10-tops, but then saw saw some that had the...
  4. T

    PRS Studio 2011...

    Hello, I currently own a an S2 CU24, and I'm looking to upgrade. I recently noticed a used 2011 Studio at my music store, and when I played it, I absolutely loved it! And it's at a very affordable price. I would have bought it right there but it's much different than what I've been looking for...
  5. drdoom8793

    PRS DC3 Questions

    So I recently caught a listing for a DC3. Unfortunately, I was a little too late, but it has me intrigued. It looks like they're definitely out there and not too difficult to find. How many of you guys own/have owned them? Basically, I have a Highway One Strat that sounds nice but just...
  6. drdoom8793

    Guess my NGD!

    Got something on the way! The first hint I'll give is that after several years of owning SEs and an S2, it will be my first Core PRS. I'll post pictures once it arrives.
  7. T

    From S2 to CE - is it worth it?

    I currently have an S2 Custom 24. I would love to get a core model one day but I just don't have that kind of money right now. I thought about selling the S2 and spending a little extra to get the new CE 24. Working my way towards a core model one day.... My question is: is it worth the extra...
  8. Ladkor

    Different between PRS Private Stock and regular core models of PRS

    Hi, guys! Let's talk about different between PRS Private Stock and regular core models of PRS? I had over 100 usa made PRS and only one Private Stock. Different between regular non-10-top custom and Private Stock custom will be relly high... but i can't see too much difference between...