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action setup

  1. B

    NGD PRS Custom 24 10 Top String Action/Tension

    So my post got deleted because I’m new and posted pictures. So I’m going to re-post. Thank you for all your comments thus far. Awesome community. Background: In late April 2022 I ordered a Custom 24 McCarty Burst through Sweetwater. There was one customer ahead of me who placed the same order...
  2. B

    Brand new 10 Top. No mater what I do it feels unplayable - is it me or did the factory rush it out?

    My first post is going to be a long one but I want to give you guys a much important information as I can. Background In late April 2022 I ordered a Custom 24 McCarty Burst through Sweetwater. There was one customer ahead of me who placed the same order in July 2021 and was still waiting...
  3. T

    Floating Bridge - b Exceptionally High

    I lowered my action as far as I could without buzz, and my b string is higher than my e & g string. 1) is this likely an issue with the way the nut is cut? 2) How would you recommend changing this? https://imgur.com/a/uHZdd6K Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  4. Aaron B

    PRS Paul's Guitar - wanting to lower the action

    Hey guys! my first post and I wanted to ask about lowering the action on the Paul's Edition SE. Because I've never done this on any guitar before. But also, the bridge is a bit different than the usual SE, and I can't find a video about it I'd post pictures but I'm not allowed yet. I'm sure...
  5. I

    SE Custom 24 has significant bow, but truss rod won't tighten

    I got a used, sold-as-mint-condition, 2017 SE Custom 24 last week. The action on the strings is really really high for me, and there's a significant bow on the neck. I usually like my guitars to have completely-straight action, or at the very worst, the slightest touch of relief. I'm pretty used...
  6. N

    Bridge height + neck relief tightness

    Hello all, I have two PRS, a CU24 and a CU22. Both with tremolo bridge, strung with 10-46s and tuned E-Standard. I bought both second hand/used. When I got the CU24 I got used to a stiffer string tension and didn't really bother with the bridge height. I left it as I received it because the...
  7. F

    General Guitar setup/maintenance help/FAQs for anyone

    I dont know how this works but I got my Custom 24 SE shipped to me last week and couldn't be happier with it. I dont know how forums work so if i'm doing something wrong, tell me please. I want anyone to be able to ask random questions about maintenance and I dont know where to do that so I...
  8. Shail

    Help needed with inbuilt Tuner - PRS SE Angelus Custom

    Hello Everyone, I am new to PRS family so I am glad that the forum exists and its so active. I recently got hold of an PRS SE Angelus Custom (Made in Korea - Feb, 2012). Got it delivery from Thomann, Germany to Belgium so didn't had a chance to play and try it until it got delivered. They said...