Bridge height + neck relief tightness


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Nov 7, 2014
Hello all,

I have two PRS, a CU24 and a CU22. Both with tremolo bridge, strung with 10-46s and tuned E-Standard. I bought both second hand/used.

When I got the CU24 I got used to a stiffer string tension and didn't really bother with the bridge height. I left it as I received it because the action was extremely low and the guitar had a really nice and percussive quality which really packs some punch with a good overdriven amp for rhythms in particular.

When I got the 22 I was looking for a darker sounding instrument. I received this and immediately gave it a setup after doing some thorough cleaning, which the guitar needed. The guitar played easier and softer to the touch (not tightness) despite a noticeable higher action.

Recently I took it apart and following Mann's video tutorial on youtube adjusted the bridge to the 1/16th spec. The guitar is playing really nice with only some minor tweaks to the saddle height on the treble side I'll do soon.

Now... I have some questions. In all videos and pictures I have been able to find people talk about the 1/16th inch distance for the tremolo but how do you measure this? It is the distance between the lower side or base of the trem and the top of the guitar but both models are carved and the bridge has an odd shape where some edges are rounded so it's incredibly frustrating to take measurements. I adjusted the CU22 with feeler gauges. I have about 1/16th feeler gauges of different sizes layered on top of each other and they fit the gap right next to the six screws just fine but I am wondering if it should be lower and the measurement needs to be from the body of the guitar to the top which is closer to what I have on the CU24. Also, the tremolo block is supposed to be parallel with the body on the inside of the cavity, right? I a trying to get easy visual points of reference to check my adjustments. The saddles and the curved edges of the tremolo confuse me and I find it hard to determine if things are aligned correctly.

Either way I also haven't been able to solve the stiffness issue on the CU24 and reading recent posts on the forum it might just be that I need neck relief on that one.

Could you guys shed some light on the tremolo question? I'd like to adjust it as from factory but it's taking me longer than expected. Also... can somebody post a picture of the bridge as seen from the bottom of the body? I want to see how you guys adjust your saddles. Mine practically follow a curve but I think my middle strings (despite accurate action measurement with the capo) might still be a bit off. When I play from low to high on the neck I trip when moving from bass to treble strings. Looking at your setup would help.

Thanks a lot!
Every guitar will be a bit different I like to set my trem screws a bit lower than the John Mann Video , when the bridge is on the body I set the screws so the bottom of the groove is even with the top of the bridge if that makes sense when I do this the two E bridge saddles are almost flush to the bridge.
You can get radius gauges at Stew Mac

Not sure if these will help


Not sure if these will help

Thanks a lot for sharing these! My saddles have a really similar setup but the bridge on my Custom22 is sitting higher for sure (despite adjustment with the feeler gauge).

Your setup looks almost identical to my Custom24's though. I really wonder if the 1/16 separation for the height is measured from body to bottom of bridge or body to top edge of bridge. I am going to have to check if I didn't screw up the math on the feeler gauges. It's all a bit weird.

I'll post pictures of what I am doing soon. Hopefully you guys can give feedback.