1. Maertl513

    Interested in insights of a 509

    Thanks in a advance for any auspicium into the abdomen (electrical compartment) of any 509. It would be very kind to share pictures either of the electrical compartment of one of the issues of Private Stock Guitar of the Month in May 2016 or production line models as of 2017. Coming from the...
  2. matonanjin

    509 or 594 HBII?

    I went into my local store fully knowing what I was going to do. There was no question in my mind! I had often thought about the versatility of a 509 and what a great fun guitar it would be. And my local store got one in!!!! Decision made long before I got there, right? AND it's a blood...
  3. George Mills

    Gold Tremolo Saddles, Anyone?

    I’m looking to create the hybrid hardware look on my 509 that came in all chrome. So far I have swapped out all the screws/ nuts & tuner buttons to gold with official PRS parts. The last thing now is the set of 6 saddles on the tremolo bridge.. Does anyone have a spare set of these, or ones...
  4. S

    Trem Bridge (509) cocked up.

    Help! I re strung my wood library 10 top 509 this afternoon and when I was done the back of the bridge was clocked up quite a bit. Anyone know how to lower the rear (screw side) of the bridge back down so that it is parallel to the body? I don’t want to mess with anything until I know exactly...
  5. A

    509 vs Semi-Hollow special

    I was originally on the hunt for a PRS 509 but then ran into the Semi-Hollow Special. I am now down the rabbit hole of not being able to decide between these two instruments. I have played each briefly but not side by side. One of the big problems is that is it nearly impossible to find a place...
  6. Skeeter

    Elements of ME V to Core?

    Total speculation thread! But hey, why not? Wondering if anyone thinks some elements of the ME V will filter down to a Core model? I’m thinking elements of the electronics (more the pups, and switching options - not necessarily the 500k to 250k switch). They made a very specific design choice...
  7. Skeeter

    509 vs SH Special

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone owns both of these or played both enough to be familiar with them. I’ve long wanted a 3 pup, HSH type PRS, and these both look like great options. I know the 509 has a different scale length. Otherwise, besides the SH (which is a big difference), the bodies and...
  8. Bryan Shaw

    PRS 509 - Wood Library Run

    Hello, everyone. New to this forum, so I thought it smart to introduce myself. My name is Bryan, and I've been playing guitar for about 18 years. Glad to be here! I have a question and thought you all might be able to help. Right now, I'm looking to purchase a Wood Library run of the PRS 509...
  9. AragonWingfoot

    PRS 509 pull Volume/Tone turn on Bridge?

    I have a 2016 509 and I was wondering if it was possible for PTC to make the volume/tone a push pull pot to turn on the bridge pickup. This way the neck and bridge humbuckers could be combined as well as all pickups playing together. I still want the master tone and master volume as is stock in...
  10. AragonWingfoot

    509s need love!

    A couple weeks ago a year or two of looking I picked up my first PRS, a beautiful Charcoal Burst 509. It’s just a fantastic guitar that tonality wise, achieves almost all classic tones in its own beautiful way. It’s a fantastic way to cover almost endless tonal territory without sacrificing a...
  11. Skeeter

    509 Scale Length

    I know many here are enjoying the heck out the 509, especially the amazing WL runs that have been rolling out. Unfortunately, I can’t find one to play near me, at least yet. I’m really curious about the 25.25” scale length and how that feels to S-type guitar players? It’s dawning on me that...
  12. Matthew Seed

    509 with Swamp Ash back for strat tones ?????

    Hi guys. I am looking for a new very special guitar and maybe thinking of going for a private stock as i cant seem to find what I am looking for. I am looking for a guitar with splittable humbuckers but where the single coil tones are really really great, strat esq tones. I suspect the first...
  13. P

    PRS 509 - how good are they?

    Local guitar store (Willie's in St. Paul, MN) has a 509. Are they really as awesome as they seem? Versatile? Sound as good in single coil mode as humbucker? Single coil sounds noiseless? Give me the scoop!
  14. K

    509 Fans?

    Im super interested in a PRS 509 but I cant find one to play around Texas and you dont read much about them on the internet.. what are yall's thoughts?
  15. owickerman

    509 tweak

    Hi everybody ;) As most of you know, I'm the happy owner of a brand new 509. This guitar is awesome and came out of the box already playable but, hey, I'm a guitarist, I need to tinker a little every now and then ^^ So, one the minor things that were not perfect with Violette was the height of...
  16. Omri

    Prs 509 question

    hi there! Does anybody knows how the 509 pickups differ from the 513 ? (output etc..) Are they coil tap or split? why prs went for this kind of design? I.e large pickups is there any idea behind it? And why this particular neck joint as identical to the 513 and not the usual like the cu22/24...
  17. owickerman

    Violette is home (NGD)

    After a while, she finally arrived home. This is my first PRS in almost 30 years, it wont be the last ^^ The color is charcoal purpleburst
  18. owickerman


    Just a few days now ;)