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Discussion in 'Electric Instruments' started by Skeeter, Jan 17, 2019.

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    I know many here are enjoying the heck out the 509, especially the amazing WL runs that have been rolling out.

    Unfortunately, I can’t find one to play near me, at least yet. I’m really curious about the 25.25” scale length and how that feels to S-type guitar players?

    It’s dawning on me that this may be the closest PRS will do to a Super S guitar - though it may be nice if they offered a 24 fret version (maybe the pickup spacing wouldn’t work unless the scale is bumped up to 25.5?).

    Anyways, as someone who learned to play on a S guitar, and has that feel ingrained in my brain and fingers - how much difference does that .25” affect that feel in your opinions? As an adult and long time PRS fanboy, the 25” feels “right” to me as well. I’m just curious why the 509 has the unusual scale length and what people think of it.

    Thanks for any thoughts and input!
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    I can only comment in the perspective of a DC3 which has the same scale length. It’s snappier than the typical PRS but not overly tight. It’s a really good mix between strat and PRS. I’d really love to try a 509 one day.
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  3. Rider1260

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    I have a DC3 and a 513 and before PRS I was a life long Strat player. 25 1/4 is really nice when you what a bit of extra space over the 25" ( bigger bends playing way up high )
    To be honest I forget about it after a min or so.
    Last week I was going back and forth between my DGT and a SS without issue ( other than wanting a SS also )
    I don't think you would have any issues with a 509
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  4. Mozzi

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    Jun 2, 2018
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    Its a whole Quarter of an inch different so if you are used to and go between a Strat and a 25" scale length PRS, the difference going from either of these to a 509 is half as much - its literally in the middle - so its half the difference however you perceive that difference. If the difference between a PRS and Strat feels very small to you, then the difference between either the 25" PRS or Strat to a 509 is going to be miniscule, if you find that difference large, then this will be half of that.

    I do tend to think of my 509 as a bit of a superstrat, a 'Jack of all trades' guitar and if that's what you want/need, its a great guitar. if you don't like the PU's though or get bored with them, you will struggle to find alternatives (if you can at all) which for some is a downside - not for me as I buy guitars because I like the sound. You probably won't notice much difference at all with the scale length...
  5. Dancing Frog

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    There is a bigger difference in feel between a Gibson and a Fender. Don't really feel the difference between a 509 and a 305. The 305 has a 25.5 inch scale length, BTW. In fact, ever since I have playing the Gary Grainger Bass with it's 34 inch scale length, all the guitars feel like toys in comparison. A lot of the feel also comes from the fretwire and the break angle. Fatter frets are easier to bend, so a Strat with fatter fretwire is going to feel looser. A higher break angle would make it feel looser as well.
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    Jan 28, 2019
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    I’m not an expert with strats or really 25.5 scale lengths vs 25.25 but I can say I really like the 509. It feels very similar to a regular PRS, but a little strattier. There is a little more snap as well as some extra upper harmonics and resonance that sounds amazing. I have elixir 9s on mine and they feel great. Very easy to play and bend, but with more control than my Les Paul. It also has a little more clarity. It cuts through a mix while remaining warm and rich.
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