When is a “Wood Library” not a Wood Library?

I have a double cut McCarty 594 Artist model. It came with Artist grade flame maple top, select mahogany back, Artist grade Gaboon ebony fretboard & headstock veneer with inlaid green abalone signature, green ripple outline / green abalone center Artist bird inlays, gold hardware, Black Paisley Artist case. The color is Slate Blue, from a list of 46 optional colors if I counted correctly.

So as I understand these models, Wood Library the dealer picks the woods from the vault and they mix and match from core tops, 10 tops, Artist tops and Private Stock tops. They also pick neck wood, fretboard, back etc. Artist models the options are fewer, and PRS staff pick the Artist tops.

I’ve seen non-10 top wood that I thought was a 10, and seen some 10 tops that didn’t look as good as some non-10 tops.

I thought the price of my Artist model was a bargain considering what I got. I bet the more exotic wood in some Wood Library models goes up in price accordingly.

I believe you get what you pay for, and as my friend Billy often says, “you pay for what you get.” :D

This is just a plain ole "core" top... However, to me it's a Wood Library Artist top!!!


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