What Rig do you use for your Hollowbody II


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Jan 28, 2019
I recently acquired a Hollowbody II and was wondering what other rigs (Amps, Pedals, etc..) you guys use/used with your Hollowbody IIs?
I have a SCHBI. I've used a helix loaded with acoustic impulse responses for acoustic gigs before an electric show the same set. Then used a different preset for the electric.

Otherwise I use a fender amp or a dumble clone and a DI if I need acoustic tones. Full pedalboard too.
Same thing I do with all of my guitars: Axe-FX III and a pair of Friedman ASM-12s.
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Mine likes most amps, except the few Deluxe types I've played. I have yet to dial in my sound through my TK Imperial. That amp loves everything else, but sounds only OK with the SC HB II. I actually put the HB away for six months or so after struggling with it and the Imperial for so long. I thought I might have been falling out of love with it. Nope. Still love it, just with other amps.

I run the piezo through a LR Baggs Para DI or Boss VE-8 if I'm singing, then straight to the PA. If I'm screwing around without the PA, I tend to NOT play the piezo.

As far as pedals, I run it through whatever the pedalboard has that day. I've been digging the Gamechange Audio Plus pedal a lot lately. I feed it the chord, then noodle, then move on through the progression. I haven't really found any pedals that don't work for my SC HB II.

Congrats on the HB! Tell us how you are running yours.
I run my Hollowbody straight into a Kemper, I was just looking for suggestions on what profiles to use. It sounds amazing through almost any clean profile, but the guitar seems a little picky when it comes to gain. That may be because i chose most of my profiles based on my 509 because that’s what I had solely before. What gain amps would the Hollowbody bring to life?
Mesa Mark V & DV Mark Micro 50, reverb & chorus pedals
The Mesa for everything, the DV for clean Jazz only.
I always use the piezo out separate from the magnetic out. Piezo to a Fishman Aura Spectrum DI to the PA...using either Strymon or Eventide H9 in the loop for effects (preferred)...or the Guitar effects in my VoiceLive 3 extreme pedal if I need to save space. If I really need a more convincing acoustic sound I will use an A/B pedal to send the Aura pedal through both the VL3 and a modeler (Helix or Kemper). The VL3 has a nice body resonance feature for low end “thumps” acoustic tones, which Blends nicely with the more “airy” high frequency acoustic profiles I use.