Tremonti vs \m/ - Bridge pick-up comparison?


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Feb 13, 2022
What is an easy way to consider the differences between the Tremonti and \m/ bridge pickups? In looking at the graphs (PRS pick-up page), the Tremonti has more bass and tapers the mid/high frequency. The \m/ has lower bass/high and more pronounced mid. I am trying to get a sense of what this means in practice. To be clear, I understand the conceptual differences between boosting bass or boosting mids. I am looking for some way of determining the relative impact on the sound to see if it is "worth it". I love my 594's and my Tremonti so it is not an issue with trying to "improve", but rather the quest for something "in addition to".

If I were to get a SC594 and replace the pick-ups with \m/ pickups, how different would it sound to my Tremonti? Is this a major difference or something more of a nuance? (considering a SC594 w/ rosewood neck and then a pick-up swap to avoid the dreaded wife response "it looks just like the other guitar")

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Apr 28, 2012
To my ear, the \m/ is a bit more balanced across the spectrum, what I think most people would call more versatile. It cleans up very well, and I think it's suitable for a lot of styles. Not to say the Tremonti isn't versatile, but I don't think it can get quite as mellow as the \m/ can.

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Dec 21, 2012
Can't really answer this but I'm looking around for a set of \m/'s to test-replace the Tremonti Bridge in my Drop C# guitar. I really don't mind Tremonti at all. It sounds great but came with way to much gain. I remember the day I put it in, I was lowering the hight to drop the signal and low response. At one point I run out of thread on the adjustment screws and the pickup just dropped inside the cavity - TONAL PERFECTION! :cool:

I have some pictures somewhere, but what I essentially did - I have used longer Gibson pickup mounting screws, drilled the holes in pickup cavity just under where the screws to have a little pocket cavity to fit the longer screws and reassembled the pickup. It's now on a frame level and gently touching the bottom...

Anyway, what I want to say is - I really want to try \m/'s as its lower signal, lower bass response, touch more midrange - may be just what my guitar really needs .

I'm scanning Reverb and Ebay daily for uncovered set


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Oct 21, 2016
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Someday someone will invent a auto pickup height adjustment pickup ring so instead of changing pickups all ya do is adjust the height on the fly ( between songs playing out). It will be like having multiple pickups installed in your guitar.