The Jam Band thread

I am a HUGE Phish fan as some of you may well know. Not sure if this has been put up yet as I haven't gone through all TWENTY FOUR pages of posts, but back in 1992, at the Stowe VT show, Carlos Santana played this version of You Enjoy Myself with Phish. For a long time in my late teens and early twenties, this was my favorite version of this song. The way they played off of each other in the jam was just .... WOW! I remember listening to this on like 6th generation dub on my cassette player, trying to hear every single note and nuance over the hiss of the overly copied metallic tape, in the inebriated haze of whatever may have been floating around in my system at the time. The memories are intense.

Frost was such a great place for a concert I was at this one... Most folks think the Dead were from San Francisco ...NOT they were from Palo Alto , where Bobby and Jerry worked at Brown's music ..the only shop in town.