The Jam Band thread

Just to clarify before I put my foot in my mouth...

Is a jam band a band that plays a catchy little riff or melody
and then they all play solos over the chord changes and then
go back to the original riff or melody once in a while?

I was going to ask a similar question, then saw twenty five pages and bailed. Then came back and decided maybe I’d weigh in.

I grew up in jam bands. My influence was Coltrane and Grateful Dead in high school… we cultivated situations where all members riff off of each other, improvise, and often turn nothing into something or turn something into an entirely different thing. A few years ago in Chicago I was in a band that had no songs… we’d invent a riff, and off we’d go. It was difficult to sustain, but we did gig a few times. In modern context… this would be Phish and only a few others.

What it is not is extending a song to twenty minutes for gratuitous solos… like the Allman Brothers (though I’m a huge fan of them). It takes a special type of player and group to listen, invent, and evolve to pull this off. It’s quite rare actually… and sometimes fails miserably. But that’s part of the charm, because when it works it’s incredible.

This is likely a bit narrow for some, but it’s how I see things.
To me a jam is really defined by the interplay of the musicians and taking the original song in a new direction as a result.
The Dead to me were the Masters , it really wasn't about the solo's with them .
Speaking of improv, Haynes said this is why Miles Davis' Second Great Quintet, also featuring Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, and Tony Williams is his favorite band:

"The reason is, because of the way those guys play, you can get the sense that none of them know what they're going to play until they respond to what the other one plays. And to me, that's the best music that can ever be played. And it doesn't mean there isn't other music out there that's on an extremely high level; it means that once you get bit by that improv bug, you don't go back."Y
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