The Jam Band thread

Rick's new DuLuis Empress sounds a bit better than the 1st one, they make some beautiful instruments. He had his HB piezo well dialed in and still has it with him.
Was the new one what he was using in the chateau stream? Tone definitely sounded WAY better than hes previously had the deluis sounding
Yes , his first Empress was harsh .. nobody seems to have liked the tone. DeLuis is a small luthier so I'm sure he refined the instrument after feedback from the road. It's a bit of a mystery why he didn't go the PS / Artist model route with PRS .. but there is always the future

I'd go for a 40th anni Rick signature ..

they did just come out with a new semi that's nice .. called the Antelope
I really miss Aqueous. Hope they end the hiatus eventually. Listening to this show right now on Nugs but theres a full video it looks like. Gantzer rocking a PRS here too

nice bass in the mix for a change ! for those younger ones the yellow guitar is a Travis bean with an aluminum neck , a Fave of Jerry early on .
Nice to see another generation pickup the banner , that kids got deep pocket for the Alembic ..
the first set Grateful Brass is DEADicated to my oldest grandson the 1st chair Trombonist