Terrible week for music, Toby and Janine


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Dec 10, 2019
Gulf Coast of Texas
Two big icons in totally different styles of music are lost or hurting.

Toby Keith, country music star, proud cowboy and patriot, left us after a strong and valiant battle against cancer. As a cancer survivor myself, with family members both saved from and lost to this insidious blight on humanity, I can once again validate how much cancer does, indeed, suck. RIP, Toby… your fight is done here.

Steve Morse, monster guitarist of the Dixie Dregs and Deep Purple among others, lost his wife Janine after a long cancer fight. Steve left music to be with his wife during her treatment and periods of remission. If you play music and have a wife who supports you in the pursuit of your craft, comes out to shows, and participates in everything from load in, to set up, to merch sales, to tearing it all back down… not to mention being a great partner on all the non-gig days, then you have some concept of the loss this man is wrapping his head and heart around. I wish you all the best, Steve, as you go forward into a different life. Love never leaves.
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Cancer is quite possibly the most cruel illness that anyone can suffer from. I have lost family members to it. It truly sucks. I knew Toby was ill but didn't know the exact issue he had. I figured it was pretty serious since it stopped him from touring and recording. I have played a decent handful of his songs in bands over the years. I hadn't heard about Janine.
My prayers go out to thier people .
I got to meet Toby back stage , he was very amiable and polite.

Cancer is voracious and never ending in its assault. I've been fighting it for over a decade , you beat it back and it laughs ..all the while the grains of sand keeping moving ever faster...
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Toby Keith, country music star, proud cowboy and patriot, left us after a strong and valiant battle against cancer.
Toby wore his patriotism on his sleeve and took some flak for it that IMO he should not have. A great song writer and performer. My wife's favorite country artist. Saw him at the MN State Fair years back.
Ya, funny how that works. Springsteen, Green day, Jackson Browne, Mellencamp, and countless others can spew their views openly and without public pushback, but Toby took $hit for his patriotic opinions! R.I.P Toby.
The Anti-Patriotic People Can Kiss My Ass. If You Don't Like America Then GTFO. I Say This With A Warm, Kind Tone So As To Include Everyone. ;)