Something in a FedEx Box... (edit: Sergio gets the White Westie)

I was gonna ask if this was baby food, but it's too early for that. Plus, you an Elvis are ragin' on it. I musta missed out on something good

I'm down! I'll try anything, once! There's a Shree a couple of miles from me, on 59 too.
Is it a pony?

Pony inlays?
Completely sidetracking the topic:

A co-worker is getting a custom acoustic guitar made by a local luthier. He's thinking of having Mustangs (horses) as inlays for the first two or three fret board markers.
Many years ago a local luthier had a very old classical guitar that he was restoring. I stated my interest and the price was a fair one. I suggested he put diamond shaped (playing card) inlays (sycamore) in the absence of fret markers. The guitar turned out beautiful and still is but to this day I regret the diamond inlays.
No, you can beg all you want, I won't tell you what's in the box until delivery!

I might take a bribe.

It would have to ba an awesome bride.
Is it a kitten?

A wok?

Fuzzy bunny slippers????

I'm so excited...for reasons even I don't understand.