So, I may be a sap...

Seriously, I told more details the first time. But the guy basically played all his life by himself. He wrote the songs, sang them and played his Martin guitar and was a one man band. Decided he wanted a real band and added a drummer (a good friend of mine) and a bass. My friend kept saying "I got this friend that plays electric guitar if you want to add that. I can get him to play with us." The leader is enjoying his band a lot and decides it's time to take the next step.

Band leader is like a kid at Christmas. Just having a ball at practices and said he's never enjoyed music this much in his whole life. But... he also wasn't used to playing with a rock guitar player. The more he heard me solo, the more he wanted me to solo. Over weeks of time, some of the songs completely transformed into a different style. He loved it. His wife heard it and told him they didn't even sound like his music anymore. DTR out! LOL Funny thing is, we had played about 4 gigs and even the gigs changed from the first one to the last, as we continued to rock more and more. But she hadn't been at any of those due to work. And when she heard us that night, I guess she didn't like what I had done to his music. LOL

My buddy the drummer told me a few weeks later, that it was like going back in time. He said "the very next practice after you left, we were back to playing the songs slow and no solos, like we did before you joined." The funny (and disappointing) thing to me was, I NEVER CHANGED THE SONGS! He did. I could have played straight man and none of that would have ever happened, but he WANTED me to solo and when that started, the whole band turned it up a notch and it went from there. But I didn't ask to solo more, HE asked me too. I'm more than certain, that if his wife had approved, we'd have stayed together and kept playing out, because he sure as heck was enjoying the change.
Good thing you bowed out. But it should be fodder for your next hit song “He Writes The Songs (But She Wears The Pants)”