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Zombie Four, DFZ
Apr 28, 2012
On my Artist V, I'm getting some string buzz on the lower string (4th and 5th, mainly) in the lower positions. I've adjusted the truss rod as shown on the support page, but I realized afterwards that the diagram is showing a 24-fret neck. Is the measurement the same for a 22-fret neck, .010" at the 8th fret? Is my next step raising the saddles?

I would suggest loosen the trussrod a little little bit before raising the saddles.The relief doesnt have to be exactly like it says in the setup guide,you can do it by feel.Probably a seasonal thing.Try to keep the wound strings a tad higher than the unwound strings.In the setup guide it says 2/32.If your guitar is setup that way raise the wound strings to 5/64.Now...if Paranoid played at the 12th fret sounds great unplugged you are ready to rock :)
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About the measurement for a 22-fret or a 24-fret guitar,its the same.Think of it as pressing down or capo the first fret and pressing down on the last fret.The setup guide PRS have on their website is a great way to start from but in the end a setup is always personal.Always remember to check the relief in playing position and not with the guitar laying flat on a table.
Tweaked the truss rod a bit, raised the saddles a bit. Still a bit of buzz, but decided to live with it as it for a bit. Can't remember if the strings are the originals or a set of my preferreds, so I'm probably going to wait until I change them to do anything else.

Thanks for the tips!
Well, I looked at it! Nothing that looked horribly awry. But I don't think it would take much for it to cause a buzz, so I wouldn't expect to be able to see it with the naked eye.
Capo at 1st fret!Still buzzes?If you have buzz from the open strings the nut can be the problem but you wrote it was in the lower positions right?Sounds like a minor backbow or uneven frets.If theres a tech with a PLEK-machine near go and have your guitar scanned.
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I'll try the capo thing - hadn't thought of that. Thanks!