Sentimental Treasure PRS ORI


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Oct 7, 2021
As some of you may remember, my brother was a forum member for a long time before passing away, going by the handle Hopeful Sinner. Losing him was a very hard hit for me as he was always my hero since day 1 of my life. It's been almost two years and I still miss him like it just happened. Guitars were an important piece of who my brother was, and I always thought he had the coolest ones. His original guitar I remember growing up was a Peavey Impact II. It was black, and quite the heavy chunk of wood. Most don't know this but Jon got into PRS guitars because he got an SE from me that I had bought from a friend who had unfortunately done a lot of sanding to the guitar and ruined the paint job.... but it played like a dream. From there, he ended up with a ton of PRS guitars, all of which he ended up selling due to hard times at one point or another.

After his passing, my best friend offered me a chance to get back one of Jon's PRS guitars, and SE Orianthi that Jon had sold him. I couldn't pass it up. I'm not much of a player myself, but I have such an attachment to this guitar because of it once being my brothers guitar. I wish I could find the original SE he had gotten from me that started it all but I have no idea where that thing landed. Anyhow, the only thing missing is a forum truss rod cover that Jon designed. I hope to find another one some day to put on it, but i don't know if anyone that has one will let one go.

Anyone else have a sentimental value PRS? Also, if anyone has any stories of my brother, I'd love to hear them. PM me or tell them on the forum. Threadjack welcome for that. God bless you all.