S2 singlecut questions


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May 12, 2020
Hey all, starting a new thread as I’ve I’m settled on a singlecut of some kind for replacing my SE Custom. SC, 594, or Tremonti. Tremonti is an SE and looks like it has the wide thin neck so that’s probably out, though his playing style is a big one for me. So S2 594 or an older S2 singlecut are probably the best options. Anyone know what pickups came in those older S2 singlecuts? And independent push pulls or no?
You can find SE Singlecuts on Reverb for $400. The Korean pickups always need replacing so factor in another $200. for some Duncans or whatever you like.

But for $600 you'll have an amazingly good professional sounding guitar.

You might need to touch up the frets and nut a little...or not.

I always do a complete set up and I have fret leveling files, crowning files, fret end rounding files and nut files, so getting all that tweaked to perfection is pretty much standard practice for my guitars.
I own an S2 Singlecut Semi-Hollow and it is just the best playing guitar I have. I have owned a couple CE-24’s and a CE22. If you notice, I say owned. I still own the S2. And a couple more S2’s. Negative aspects of it are the #7 pickups, which are really not bad, but nothing to brag about, and the easy chip finish. I don’t find the pickups split as well as other PRS pickups. I know PRS raves about the thin finish, but it does not excel at durability. But there is just something about the way it plays and feels in my hands. Have not decided on what pickups I am going to put in it.
I'd chose the s2 singlecut out of those even though the #7 pickups aren't my fav. But if I was in the market for a PRS singlecut the Stripped SC58 would win between them all, hands down. Well, not would, it did. I was in the market for a PRS singlecut and played dozens after dozens from all lines and models. Once I stumbled on my Stripper 58, I knew I found the one.