S2 McCarty 594 question

Bob Bourgeault

Sep 16, 2018
I just purchased 2021 S2 594 McCarty. I’ve seen reviews that indicate this guitar has very “slinky” action. I have found that to be the case, and in fact I was unable to get it to play well w 10 gauge strings. Once I put 11’s on it, Ian able to get buzZ free low action. Has anyone else experience this. The guitar sounds fantastic. Also, the push pull pots for coil tapping are spring loaded and pop out when you press on them. The humbucker mode is when the pots are “out”. I find that odd…as most of us would mostly use the HB mode. Your comments appreciated. I’m new to the forum and appreciate anyone’s thoughts and comments.
When I received my S2 Standard 24 it came with a very high action. I had to not only lower the bridge saddles but also the trem to get the action where I wanted it. It seems that your guitar needs a set up. I actually played three S2 guitars at the local shop last week, and the action on one of them was at a point where it would be even high on an acoustic guitar. Had I been interested in that particular guitar I would have asked the store to set it up to a playable condition first.

It also seems like the pots are wired in reverse. This should not happen but fortunately this is easy and quick to revert to normal.

Cheers Stephan
Hello Bob. The S2 594s are my favorite guitars and I currently have three of them. I like the slinky action with 10s, but I don't find the strings too slinky. If 11s work for you on these guitars, have at it!

It sounds to me like your guitar had the push/pull pots replaced with push/push pots. All the stock S2 594s I've owned (6 maybe?) have had push/pull pots. I prefer push/pull pots, but if the push/push pots work for you then you may just want to have it rewired to where the down position engages humbuckers intead of being split.