594 Locking Tuners

The Tweaked Phase IIIs aren't currently in use or for sale, as far as I can tell. They were a 594 thing, which doesn't get locking tuners now. Supposedly they reduce string energy loss through the tuner.

I’ve got the tweaked ones on my 594, a regular ones on an NF3. Functionally, no difference. Tone difference? Not enough for PRS to use them any longer.

The other part is that a person can’t (shouldn’t) take them apart or adjust the set screw.
I've been reading through posts for the last few days and it looks like PRS Vintage locking tuners and the phase 3 locking tuners both fit the S2 594 McCarty. I know that if I switch to phase 3 tuners I will see an imprint of the vintage tuners in the nitro finish. For that reason I'm leaning towards leaving mine the way it is or swapping in vintage locking tuners.

My question is, do the phase 3 tuners work better? Or feel better? Or does it mostly come down to what you think looks best? (Ive only owned the S2 594 McCarty double cut so I have no experience with other PRS tuners).
I have 3 core PRS’s with locking tuners. They work fine. My S2 594 McCarty came with vintage non locking tuners. They work just as well, imho…
I don't think the tweaked version were any better/worse than the original. I've had both, and have never had a problem with either. I do recall someone posting about an issue with the tweaked version, but I can't recall exactly what it was.
My ‘21 DGT (phase 3 tuners) had 2 collars that were loose and it wouldn’t stay in tune. I found the right size really tiny Allen wrench and tightened them a lot… solved the problem. The phase 2’s that are on 2 of my older (2011) guitars work just as well..
Thanks for all the help. Just going to think on it for a while a d decide between phase 3 hybrid, tweaked phase 3 hybrid, and phase 3 vintage knobs.
I installed the vintage locking tuners on my 594 HB today. I have had this one for about 3 years and since I liked the look of the raw brass on stock vintage tuners I left them on. Until last week, I broke a string and it took me an unusual amount of time to replace it, just couldn't get the new string to bite as I turned the tuner. Took 2 strings, the first one was mangled (I have a bunch of single from robbing full packs at gigs over the years). I once changed a broken string on a custom 22 during a song and never took the guitar off.

Found the lockers on reverb from an authorized PRS dealer for $120 new, so I bought them. Took me less time to install the lockers and restring than it normally takes me to restring this guitar. Now I just have to get used to the look. Shouldn't be hard since this is the only PRS I have without them. Actually looks right to me for a PRS now that I think about it.

No difference in feel or tone that I can tell, just easier to restring.