Rush - Alex Lifeson Interview - History with PRS Guitars & the R40 Tour

Thanks for posting this Corey. I hadn't seen this before. Rush is my all time favorite. So many good memories from my teen years to my late forties are linked to their music. If any of you have the chance to catch them on the R40 tour, do yourself a favor and buy a ticket. I've had the pleasure of seeing them18 times, and this set list and "deconstructed" stage concept was brilliant, and might be the best I've seen in those 18 shows. I really hope this isn't their swan song.
I'm a huge Rush fan and the best thing I like about the band besides the music is that they are just down to earth guys…
Considering some of the cities they skipped, I can't believe this is the end. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking because they didn't come here. Yet.

But if they do...
All the the guys have been quoted as saying that hinting they are hanging it up may be a bit premature and they like touring but not these huge slogging across the world tours. Maybe some local tours to small arenas for a few weeks at time once a year? I also heard that PRS is working on some type of Alex Lifeson CE? model but was not confirmed. Be odd to build it and play in your studio.
Thanks for posting that interview. Alex is the main guitar inspiration for me and the reason I own a PRS (still prefer him playing PRS over Gibson). I attended the final show of the R40 tour and given the way it ended (the three guys waved bye to each other and then Neil joined the other two on stage for a bow at the end) I have a sense this might be the end. Alex is dealing with arthritis in his feet and hands while Neil has chronic tendonitis. In a best case scenario maybe they'll do a couple of "residences" either in Las Vegas, NYC or Toronto.