Rotary Switch for pick-up selection

Uncle Freddy

New Member
Aug 21, 2023
hello all from Whidbey Island USA ....I'm wiring up a restoration with a bridge humbucker and a neck noiseless single coil ...I procured the rotary switch attached from Stew Mac, as this guitar will have 2 knobs: 1 = the master volume for both pick-ups / 1 = rotary pick-up selector switch to select either bridge by itself or neck by itself, no combining of the pick-ups ....this is a 5-position switch that would work in this application, but I am looking for a rotary switch that has "wafers" (I believe) that allows me to limit the detents of the switch to just 2 positions .....if I use the switch I have, I can get the 2 positions I need, but the other 3 positions with still be clickable and I don't want that ....I want the rotary pick-up select switch, once fully soldered in, to have only 2 clickable detents / positions: bridge ON or Neck ON ....any assist, pointers or insight as to the switch I need and/or how to limit its detents / positions highly appreciated, thanks