Replace electronics along with pickups on an S2 594?


Bassist with a guitar habit
Jun 12, 2018
I have some 58/15 LT pickups on the way for my recently acquired S2 594, and am wondering if it is worth replacing the pots with the drop-in core wiring harness that PRS sells.
If you have the coin then do it. Pre-wired controls make the job clean fast and easy.

Replacing entry level pickups, pots and switches with professional level parts will usually transform a good guitar into a professional sounding instrument.

If you already love the way it plays then it's a no-brainer.

You'll probably hear a big improvement.
I’m not sure if I am unhappy with the stock pickups in my 594 SE McCarty at this time. I am sure the core pickups would be an improvement. I decided to buy a Vela instead, and would not have bought the 594 SE if the Vela had come in when promised. (I was starting to wonder if it would come at all). I thought the scale and Les Paul style volume and tone controls would offer some improvements over my original core McCarty, as well as move it a little closer to a Les Paul sound wise. Instead I fell in love with my 2007 McCarty all over again! And I really appreciate the lighter weight of the 594 over a Les Paul, but I will probably grab my Les Paul if that is the sound I am after over the 594. Still a very nice guitar though, and am thinking about using it in open tuning for slide work.