Raw vintage springs

Discussion in 'Electric Instruments' started by swede71, Mar 21, 2019.

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    Just wanted to inform all you guitarnerds that raw vintage springs fit the PRS tremoloblock.Yes im a tinkerer and after some minor problems with the tremolo i wanted to experiment a little with springs and tremoloaction.I like a soft feel when it comes to tremolos and my DGT with 11s and standard tuning was way too stiff for my likings.After removing the prs springs(if you can remove them ;) )i tried 3 black fender springs first and then 2 hard tension silver springs I had laying around.Both worked well but I discovered something I've never believed in.i lost tone.Especially with 2 springs.Now I use 4 raw vintage springs with 9-46 strings and tone is back.Nice soft feel with these springs.PRS springs are also soft and have a nice feel to them but they are a tinkerers nightmare:).
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    Yeah, removing the stock springs is a chore!!
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    I have found the same, that the springs add something to the tone, like a reverb effect. Eric Clapton said the same thing, that he got something extra in the tone of a decked bridge with springs that wasn't there in a hard tail.

    I made this video to demonstrate that the vibrating springs sound can be heard through the amp. Please excuse the sloppy playing, the spring sound is at the end.


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