PTC support for nitro finish issues - Warranty?


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Feb 13, 2022
This discussion originally started in the Electric Guitar section because I was wondering if my expectations for the nitro finish were unrealistic. Now that I contacted the PTC, and received a "response", it would be helpful to reset my expectations.

The short version of the story is that I received a brand new 2022 Tremonti on Wednesday last week. I went over the guitar in detail as I changed the strings and set it up Thursday and Friday. The guitar spent most of the weekend in a Hercules stand. Monday morning, I found small chips in the nitro at the corner of the headstock veneer where the guitar rests in the stand. Note, my 2021 SC594 (also a nitro finish) has been in this same stand many times and does not have any issues.

The feedback I received in the original thread suggested I contact the PTC as this should be considered a finish warranty issue. Well, I did contact the PTC and provided pictures, along with the timeline highlighting I have had this guitar less than a week. They responded that it was not a warranty issue and included a link to their article on how to identify the type of finish... Their suggestion was that I contact the dealer and return the guitar.

Ok, I can only assume Dealers have different processes or potentially insurance of these types of things. Fine. That is not the answer I was looking for as I have been searching for the right charcoal or gray black Tremonti for some time. The thought of just sending it back and starting the process over again sucks! Beyond that, I am interested in understanding where my expectations on finish integrity are incorrect. Am I expecting too much relative to storing the guitar in a hanging stand for 3 days? I feel let down by Customer Service on this one.

More to the underlying issue. Are there DIY fixes to stop the nitro from flaking further? It seems like my options are to return the guitar (start again) or keep it and try to stop further flaking. This is amazing for this caliber of instrument.