PRS SE Bernie Marsden volume pot wiring


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Jul 16, 2012
Hi there,

Can anybody tell me/confirm the wiring on the Bernie Marsden? I thought I had a problem but it appears the volume pots on mine are wired in series for the middle position on the toggle switch.

Ie. when you're in the mid position the front volume pot only works if the rear volume pot is wide open? The rear volume pot works on its own too.

Everything works and sounds great. All pickups work as they should but just seemed a little unusual coming from more of a strat background!

Can't seem to find any info on this however. Retailer told me their stocks of the model, the volume pots work independent? Mine don't!


I'd have to see a schematic of your setup to really understand it.

But if the rear pot is wide open (0 Ohms) and the front controls both; that might be desireable during a song to adjust the entire guitars volume with one pot.

Now, if you start to close the rear control just a little ( low ohms ); then if the front pot still controls the entire setup as a master; that would be a plus in my estimation. It would be like a master control when both pickups are being used.

Just my viewpoint of it, but I can't hear the guitar or see what you're doing, so I'm just guessing.

Sorry I can't be of more help.
Hi there,

Thanks for your reply.

The guitar works as you describe in your first paragraph but if the rear pot is closed then the front pot does nothing. That's why I think it's in series.
It does seem unusual. Not a problem really once I checked all ickups work but wondered if they had wired it up wrong!


Yup that is normal operation for any 2 vol guitar, my DGT and Les Paul are the same.